Unit 4: Candy crush makes $1.33 Billion in 2014

The mobile games giant King has made a large amount of money off of its game Candy Crush. Candy Crush is a free to play game that is in the puzzle genre. You may be asking how can they make money off of a free game? Well the answer is simple, through micro-transactions. Micro-transactions are a relatively new form of money making in the video game industry. Candy Crush gives each player a certain amount of lives per day. Once they run out of lives they can either wait a day to get more lives or pay money for extra lives. While the game is very popular and had much success it has also stirred up a bit of controversy. Candy Crush is not an original game created by king. The original tile based puzzle game was made in Russia in the 1990’s called Shariki. Even after that the game was brought to U.S. by Popcap games. Popcap called their version Bejewled. While each iteration added a few different things the general concept of each game is the same. Even though they pretty much copied a game and gave it a new name they were involved with another controversy. King managed to trademark the word “Candy” for clothing and video games. They then began to demand that other game companies take the word out of any of their games titles. While the company isn’t the best with ethics the know how to successfully make money.

Image source: http://media.gamerevolution.com/images/galleries/1059/Candy-Crush-Saga-Screenshot-01.jpg

Source: http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2015/feb/13/candy-crush-saga-players-855m-2014

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